SilviLaser 2011

The Tahune Airwalk From Silvilaser2011

Just returned from SilviLaser 2011 at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. It is an excellent conference attended by academics and professionals in forestry and remote sensing from around the globe. The conference is unique in my experience as it has a comparatively narrow focus: active remote sensing, mostly laser and some radar, of biophysical forest metrics. It addresses this topic in great depth. There were no concurrent sessions which was refreshing and kept us all on the same page. As a young researcher in the field it was great to see the current work and put faces to the names that I cited in my dissertation and the paper Sohail Shafii and I presented . Our presentation was in the Emerging Technologies session with several other excellent presentations.

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), regional/national inventory applications, and operationaization of LiDAR inventory in a forest management context seemed to be emerging topics that were well represented, along with a few satellite (ICESat/GLAS) studies, and several papers focusing on statistical methods for imputing area-based stand metrics from point distributions. There seems to be a great deal of interest in this at the moment. I have some reservations about it, mostly because I don’t understand RandomForest that well.

I’ve posted the abstracts, and all the papers. The program is below:

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