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Google fusion table to shapefile using OGR2OGR

A pretty simple procedure for migrating a fusion table to a shapefile (or any OGR format for that matter) using ogr2ogr. A publicly available fusion table: The fusion table id comes from the fusion table url: Im using a custom … Continue reading

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Spyder (python IDE) on OSX Snow Leopard and Lion

After noticing a theme in the spyder dev email list of difficulties getting spyder running on OSX i have decided to post some lessons learned from (semi* — mind the asterisk) successfully installing it on both snow leopard and lion. … Continue reading

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Compiling PostGIS 2.0 on Mint 12 (ubuntu oneric)

Compiling PostGIS 2.0 on a fresh Mint12 install has been a little tricky mostly because of the geos version dependencies (>3.3.2). Initially, I thought I could use the ubuntu gdal package and a source compiled geos. However make check for … Continue reading

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SilviLaser 2011

The Tahune Airwalk From Silvilaser2011 Just returned from SilviLaser 2011 at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. It is an excellent conference attended by academics and professionals in forestry and remote sensing from around the globe. The conference is unique … Continue reading

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I wrote some python to pipe las2txt to GRASS’s on using subprocess which is what most of the GRASS python scripts use. Its not very sophisticated at all but seems to work decently well however I suspect Howard’s point … Continue reading

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